• 1. How do I get started? ▼

    It is Simple. If you already run a website then most of the work has already been done. Simply signup for a PimpBoss account and select a PimpBoss paysite(s) you wish to promote. If you need extra tools just download them from our site, we have half and full page ads, hosted galleries (many to choose from!) and finally link the banner to the corresponding PimpBoss paysite and then sit back and earn top dollars on all sales referred from your site! We will provide you all the links banners, hosted or downloadable galleries, even free content to build your site or promote our site!

  • 2. How do you track sales referred from my website? ▼

    Once you sign up for a PimpBoss account you will be assigned a unique Account ID. Your Account ID is embedded in your PimpBoss links. When a surfer is referred from your website and joins a PimpBoss paysite your account is credited the sale. We track by cookie and IP, so we never lose a sale.

  • 3. What if customer does not buy at current session and returns to a Pimpboss site again? ▼

    If a surfer returns to any of our sites within 24 hours, the sale is credited to your account!

  • 4. How can I contact you if I ever have problems? ▼

    You can always contact us by e-mail, or we are always available through popular messengers like ICQ, and Skype, or send a message via our support ticket system.

  • 5. Does it cost anything? ▼

    No, absolutely not! Webmasters NEVER have to pay to be a PimpBoss affiliate. We make it easy for webmasters like you to succeed with our programs. We also provide free content and hosted galleries to help you build a high-traffic site.

  • 6. I'm a high volume webmaster; may I make a special deal with you with higher pay-outs? ▼

    Yes, you may! Please contact us to discuss this or you can ask this anytime after joining our program.

  • 7. How long have you been in business? ▼

    Pimp Boss has opened it's doors in 2009, but the company and crew behind it have been in the adult industry since 1996.

  • 8. How do you pay more than other programs? ▼

    The other programs may offer you plans where although they may pay you a great percentage on the first sale, they hold on to the profits from all other sales. Not at PimpBoss. We pay you on every sale that your traffic makes on our sites. And unlike the other guys, we'll even pay you for trial membership sign ups!

    This way you remain a real partner, continuing to earn recurring commission on sales from the original traffic you sent us. Every sale pays you again, again, and again!

  • 9. How much money can I make? ▼

    The sky is the limit! We are ready to pay you any amount you make!

  • 10. What's the difference between Revenue Share program and PPS program? ▼

    PimpBoss Revenue Share Programs pay you up to 70% of all membership signups on a recurring basis. As long as the customer stays an active member to one or more of our PimpBoss sites, you get paid up to 70% of their monthly fee, month after month! Flat-rate payouts on the other hand, pay you quickly: a one-time payment of up to $40, even on trial memberships. With the flat rate payout program you are not eligible for recurring commissions.

  • 11. How long does it take to set-up? ▼

    Instant access! Upon signing up with PimpBoss program, all details will be sent to you immediately! Configuration is quick and painless. Simply put an HTML link on your site and start collecting your commissions!

  • 12. How do I monitor my account activity? ▼

    We provide webmasters with some of the most comprehensive stats in the industry including Clicks, Sales, Referring URLs and more. We provide you with in depth stats information so that you can maximize your marketing power!We provide webmasters with some of the most comprehensive stats in the industry including Clicks, Sales, Referring URLs, Geo and more. We provide you with in depth stats information so that you can maximize your marketing power!

  • 13. What makes this program unique? ▼

    Exclusive designed paysites that convert fast!

    Exclusive content powered by daily updates and interactive members areas. Our member’s area changes every day. Your visitors will be proud of what you’ve referred them to!

    We always open new sites covering today's best niches and update the rest with what our customers want!

    A wide selection of promotional material including banners, buttons, half and full page ads, hosted and downloadable galleries, free content, hosted free sites & more!

    We offer rewards to members when they want to cancel. 80% of them wish to stay and you'll be credited if you have chosen the partnership plan!

    We use cascading credit card processors that boost sales up to 40%. This stops the credit card denials, and your visitor's credit card will be charged by one our 3 processors. If one fails we'll try the other one!

    Comprehensive real-time stats which help you maximize sales!

    Real support - our staff is always here to assist with your needs. You can always reach us by email, ICQ, Skype, or via our support ticket system.

    We pay like clockwork every week to 1000s of webmasters since 1996!

  • 14. I operate more than 1 website. Will I need to signup for a seperate account for each of my sites? ▼

    No. Signup for 1 PimpBoss account and you can send hits from any URL you like! You'll be able to see where you send the hits on your stats panel by using our 'xcode' tracking marketing option. Easy instructions provided inside!

  • 15. Am I allowed to use PimpBoss programs in conjunction with other sponsors? ▼

    Yes. There are no limitations or restrictions. You are free to promote our sites and those of other sponsor programs.

  • 16. I'm a new adult webmaster. Could someone advise me on the best way to promote PimpBoss on my website? ▼

    No problem! You can contact our staff anytime by e-mail, Skype, ICQ or via our support ticket system. Don't hesitate to ask any question.

  • 17. How many Pimpboss sites can I promote? ▼

    You can promote as many as you like. Since each paysite covers a specific niche, it is recommended that you promote multiple sites in order to maximize your site's potential.

  • 18. How often will I receive payments? ▼

    Payouts are done on a weekly schedule, in full, for the commission you earned. Your payment is sent to you within 15 days from the end of each pay period for the previous period's transactions.

    MO-01-201X / MO-07-201X will be paid on 22th of same month
    MO-08-201X / MO-14-201X will be paid on 29th of same month
    MO-15-201X / MO-21-201X will be paid on 6th of next month
    MO-22-201X / MO-28-201X will be paid on 13th of next month

    You will only be sent a check if your account balance is at least $100.00 or the amount you’ve specified. Payment will be carried over to the next pay period until your account has your minimum payout amount. You can change minimum payment amount from your account settings.

  • 19. May I receive payments by other methods than checks? ▼

    Yes, you may and it is free. Alternatively we offer 2 different payout options. Paxum also supply a debit card where you can get cash from ATMs all around the world.

    Paxum - Min $100 - Free
    Bank Wire - Min $1000 - Fee $45

    Each one of these companies have different fees and options please visit them and to decide which one will work best for you.

    Bank Wires;
    $45 fee per wire and minimum payout $1000 must be selected. This method is available for all International and US affiliates.

    Please enter a support ticket if you need help switching to one of these payment methods or you can do so in the webmaster area on the 'my info' section easily.

  • 20. What kind(s) of sites are not allowed as referrer in PimpBoss program? ▼

    PimpBoss refuses to do business with any affiliates that send clicks from any URLs which contain and/or promote the following content, programs or linking practices: prostitution, child pornography, bestiality, hacking, cracking, spamming, chatters, and newsgroup postings. If PimpBoss discovers an affiliate involved in any of the above-mentioned illegal or inadmissible practices, the affiliate account will be terminated immediately without paying any funds earned.

  • 21. What traffic minimums are required to stay in PimpBoss programs? ▼

    There are none. It doesn't matter how little traffic you send us. You will not be removed from the program. We are dedicated to helping you build traffic to your sites and to ours. Our staff will help you be successful with your sites and our programs.

  • 22. Where can I read terms and conditions? ▼

    You can read by this link

  • 23. I'm located in a country where most other programs do not allow me to join. May I join yours? ▼

    Yes you may as long as you’re honest in your business. Please contact us with details about yourself and how you wish to promote us if you are located in a country that you can't find in our forms.

  • 24. Charge Backs and Refunds ▼

    In order to prevent fraud sales all Refunds and Chargebacks are removed from the webmaster's commissions. This rule is across all programs, PPS or Revshare. If your Charge Backs or Refunds are greater than your last payout, funds will be held back until your account is in good standing.

    Example: Your last payout was $100 and then in this pay period your refunds were $125. Your payout will be held back a week to see if more refunds or chargebacks are put against your account. This is to prevent any fraud sales.